Meet the Dad

Azhar Laher is a proud father and husband, social entrepreneur, teacher and mentor. Confessions of a Dad came to fruition after Azhar realized that he had a responsibility to explain the basics of money management to his kids without boring them to tears. He wanted his kids to avoid making the early financial mistakes he made in his own life.

Azhar has founded and managed several internet businesses, and is the founder of the  Thornhill Wealth Forum­­. The philosophy of the Forum is <em>”if you want more wealth, you must be supportive of the wealth of others”.

Azhar also volunteers with the Toronto District School Board, preparing new Canadians for the job market. He has worked in the Human Resources industry for over twenty-five years and held senior strategic positions in both South Africa and Canada.  Azhar is a public speaker, sports fanatic and enjoys travelling with his family. Since 2014, Azhar has been teaching graduate and undergraduate students in the fields of Human Resources Management and Strategy.  He is currently Professor of Human Resources in the School of Leadership and Human Resources at Seneca College. Azhar loves to have one on one money discussions with young adults and continues to give workshops at schools and colleges. Speak to Azhar about a workshop at your school or university.

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