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Children & Money: Build A Financially Successful Future For Your Kids The FAIL-PROOF Way!

Join over ### thousand parents who are already setting their kids on the path to financial freedom by teaching them good money habits using “Confession of a Dad.”

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Clearly every parent wants their kids to be successful. Every parent also thinks that their kids will be successful.

We all want our kids to be financially successful in life, but the HARD TRUTH is that these kids have not been thought how – either in school or by we the parents until they are adults themselves. Much to their detriment.

They practically spend years of their lives gaining important knowledge and skills designed to help them become successful as grownups – skills that will help them make money. BUT, in the end they grow up lacking the No. 1 skill of all: how to manage money.

As they continue to move down the line they begin to learn some difficult lessons about life and money in particular. Lessons that could have been avoided if only they were equipped and groomed with the right information on time.

Come with me and let me introduce you to a TRIED and TRUE method designed to help your kids understand personal finance and begin their journey to financial freedom.

Confessions Of A Dad:

My Kids Don’t Understand The Value of Money

Money management is a vital life skill and it’s never too early to start teaching your kids how to develop healthy money habits.

CONFESSIONS OF A DAD: My Kids Don’t Understand the Value of Money provides crucial information every caregiver needs to know about personal finance.

The book is jam-packed with a lifetime of wisdom on topics that everyone should know, including:

  • Educating your children about financial responsibility.
  • How to create and stick to a budget to track your spending.
  • Using credit cards and staying out of debt.
  • Being wise about the big financial decisions in life.
  • Living free to pursue your passions.

And much more…

The purpose of this book is to arm you with real life, easy steps to help you teach your children all they need to know about money and how to manage their money effectively through every stage of their life.

Learning how to invest, setting achievable budgets, saving up for emergency and responsibly managing credit and debt are all important skills your kids have to master from an early age.

YES! It sounds like a lot, but the good thing is that the book is designed to make the learning process so much FUN. You’d be surprised at how devastatingly easy it is.

  • You don’t need to have a background in finance.
  • You don’t have to be a Math genius.
  • And most importantly, it is not time consuming. ## minutes every day (or week) is all you need.

If you’re like me, then you’ll agree with me that one of the greatest life lessons any parent can pass onto their children is to help them understand and appreciate the true value of money.

This is the step that separates parents who DREAM of helping their kids become financially successful and those who ACHIEVE it.  You MUST take action when the solution is right in front of your face!

Give your children the gift of money management skills from an early age TODAY…

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