Dad, Who Should I Blame?

Dad, I’m really stuck.  What am I going to do?Who should I blame? I work all the time and never have any fun any more. I’ve even taken a second job to get caught up, but it just seems to be impossible…

Guess what. This isn’t unusual, at all. Some prisons don’t require bars. You can be locked up just as soundly as if you were in a maximum-security prison. Some people joke about getting a life sentence when they get married, but it’s really not funny, and it’s really not the fault of your spouse, either.

If there’s one thing you must never do, it’s this: Never make the mistake of blaming your spouse for your financial difficulties. In fact, don’t blame your spouse for any of your difficulties. The fact is, people don’t change as much as many think over time. The person you married is still the person you fell in love with and married. This should have been your best friend when you get married, and should still be your best friend! Don’t think that your spouse is the reason you feel trapped. Focus on what the real problem is.

Statistics show that financial problems are a very common catalyst for marriage breakups. People feel like they’re prisoners, but mistake their marriage for their prison, when their marriage partner is actually with them on the same side as those invisible bars, struggling along with them.

When you’re a prisoner of your finances, it’s time to do something about it. You don’t need to stay there!

One of the biggest difficulties of financial crisis is the panicky feeling of not being able to do anything about it. This can pit marriage partners against each other, when they need to be working together. Marriage is one of life’s greatest adventures! You get to face every challenge, climb every mountain, share every success… together.

Breaking out of your financial jail is just another great challenge and adventure to achieve together. Work on it together, because two are always stronger together than individually. Do a financial cleanse. Go over all your finances, together, find out what you can do without, if necessary, set a budget, and start digging your way out.

Remember that the people who famously escaped from the notorious Alcatraz prison dug their way through concrete with a spoon! Remember that persistence beats resistance on the road to success, so start now, however incrementally, and stay focused. Freedom is not as far away as it looks!

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