Dad, What Does it Mean To Be Financially Free?

Being financially is probably the pinnacle of most peoples lives….but it has nothing to do with having lots of money. It is not an event.

What an awesome feeling it must be to achieve financial freedom. I wonder if you scream from the rooftops that you are financially free. How do you measure being financially free?

Unfortunately there is no measurement. There are no announcements. In fact, people who are financially free, don’t even know that they are. Weird!

The reason is because being financially free is different for everyone. The sooner you understand what it means to you, the sooner you can work towards achieving your very own “financial freedom”. Shhhh…don’t tell anybody when you achieve it!

I am not financially free! However, this is what I think it will feel like if I ever reach that goal:

  • Financial freedom means being able to live my life in a way that respects my values and leaves me feeling complete, content and happy. 
  • Financial freedom means complete freedom from debt.
  • Financial freedom means having enough money to survive without further income?
  • Financial freedom means having enough money to thrive and chase whatever endeavours I like without further income?
  • Financial freedom means I own my schedule, values and priorities.
  • Financial freedom allows me to live my life on my terms. 
  • Financial freedom allows me to do everything or nothing at all, but to do it my way!
  • Financial freedom allows me to be my own person and chart my own course.
  • Financial freedom allows me to work when I feel like it and spend my time and resources the way I choose.
  • Financial freedom means not having to ask for permission to live my life.
  • Financial freedom allows me to say “No”
  • Financial freedom means taking responsibility for my choices without regret.
  • Financial freedom means not being dependent on others for my livelihood and working hard to achieve the lifestyle I want.

Being financially is not about money. Its about having choices.  


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