Confessions of A Dad

This book has nothing to do with accumulating wealth, but everything to do with helping children understand the value of money and developing healthy habits about money.
Some parents feel that kids will figure out the “money stuff” as they get older. While this may be partially true, there is no reason to let your kids drown in financial ignorance. Given a car and car keys, most kids could eventually figure out how to drive, but no sane parent would let their kids risk injury or death to learn how to drive on their own. Kids who are not taught about money matters can gather some hefty bumps and bruises along the way. Parents must remember that the responsibility of personal finance education is always with them, even after their kids finish school and transition into their early adult years.
Good parents teach their children the importance of eating well. They stress personal hygiene and insist on regular flossing. The majority of moms and dads also emphasize academic achievements and a good work ethic to guarantee a brighter future for their kids. Unfortunately, most well­ meaning parents have missed a vital ingredient necessary to help their kids become financially astute adults. This book will help parents (and young adults) with the confidence to talk about money and learn to be financially free. It is our job as parents to give our children the wings to thrive in the real world.


Experience The Book

This is the definitive guide to personal finance for teenagers and young adults! Azhar Laher started out on a journey to educate his own children about how to manage their money, and ended up writing an entire book on the subject. With light-hearted wit and heavy sincerity, Confessions of a Dad is filled to the brim with a lifetime of wisdom on topics that everyone should know, including:

– Money Can’t Buy Happiness.
– Some rich people live poor lives.
– Budget isn’t a bad word.
– How to Easily Save $1378 Each Year
– Beware of the Diderot Effect.
– Wealth lessons from Vincent Van Gogh Know good debt and bad debt.
– Many more chapters that will change your outlook on money

​If you don’t want your kids to come running to you to get them out of financial trouble; if you want them to be able to take care of their own money; if you want to make sure that your children are ready to go out into the world on their own, this is the book for you.​