Dad, What is Lifestyle Inflation?

Well, that’s a question I’m really happy you asked! Let me tell you what my uncle used to tell me when I worked for him many years ago. He used to say that work expands to fill the time allotted to it. In other words, if you give an employee an hour to do a job they have always been able to do in fifteen minutes, they will take an hour to do it if you give them an hour to do it.

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Dad, My Finances Are a Mess

Dad, my finances are a mess.  What can I do?  How about a financial cleanse?

You have probably heard people talking about going on cleansing diets.  Some of them can be pretty weird and drastic, but the idea is to let all the toxins flush out of the body. What needs to be remembered when taking such action is that it won’t take long to reverse any benefits you may have achieved, unless you change some of your habits.

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Dad, Why Do People Say That Time is Money?

“Dad, why do people say time is money?”  I, too, asked the same question when I was younger.

The better question might be, “What is money?”  Seriously, what is money?

I’ve often heard answers, such as that it’s the thing you can use to get what you want, or that it’s what you pay bills with, or that it’s what you buy the things you need with, but is that really true?

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